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What would you get if you take a former Australian school teacher, combine a touch of Irma Thomas and some old school R&B, and finish with some big-haired backup singers and a growling baritone sax? You might get Melbourne’s breakout band Clairy Browne and The Bangin’ Rackettes. Their new album “Baby Caught The Bus” is a total kick in the pants and may become the backdrop music for the summer or 2013.

Browne and her bandmates take an authentic love for the rhythm and blues of the 50’s and 60’s and combine it with sassy lyrics and post millenium vibe to create music that is at once a throwback and completely of the current day. You may recall a Heinecken Beer commercial from late last summer that featured Browne and her band looking like Amy Winehouse back from the beyond. The song “Love Letter” features overdriven vocals that will make you remember how your old car radio would distort when you really turned the volume a little too loud.

Browne’s father was in a band in South Africa while she was a kid and her love of the soul singers and doo wop bands comes through loud and clear in the new album. There are echoes of Etta James and Martha Reeves (and of Winehouse, save the self-destructive craziness), but this is not a reverential theme project – it has a sensibility that is firmly rooted in the here and now.