Mudsling Online

Mudsling is an online repository for posts, rants, musings, music and book reviews and other writings. A little background – I grew up in Denver, Colorado and with a few brief school and work deployments to California, New York and Texas, have had the great fortune of being able to live in Colorado. I married exceptionally well (and up) and for some reason that I can’t quite put my finger on, my wife continues to answer my calls and has yet to change the locks. I have been granted the great fortune of having two amazing kids that, for the most part, will acknowledge my presence – sometimes even in public. My family has had to endure my bloviating on any number of subjects – political, social, historical – really my willingness to tell all of them what is on my mind at any given time. Nobody could be happier that I shut up and commit my thoughts to Mudsling than they are.


My Skill Set

Uninformed Bloviation 95
Unsolicited Opinion and Advice 85
Fact-based Knowledge 70
Useful Information 50
Mind Blowing Enlightenment 5

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