The Best Albums of 2013: Brandy Clark – 12 Stories

December 20th, 2013|0 Comments

Brandy Clark – 12 Stories
If the album is due to share the fate of the Passenger PigeonĀ , no one let Brandy Clark know. Her fabulous collection of musical short stories might well be the best release of a pretty good year.


Brandy Clark has written some of Nashville’s most engaging and thoughtful songs for artists like Miranda Lambert (“Mama’s Broken Heart”) and Kacey Musgraves (“Follow Your Arrow”) but apparently she has saved her best for this finely crafted collection of 12 Stories. Clark writes with a matter-of-fact directness about the everyday realities of life, creating a dozen 3 1/2 minute short […]

The Best Albums of 2013: The Lone Bellow

December 18th, 2013|0 Comments

The Brooklyn-based trio creates intensely emotional music, rooted in country, folk, rock and gospel. Three part harmonies never sounded bigger or more passionate. The continuation of a list of the best albums of the past year…
The Lone Bellow – The Lone Bellow

When the eponymous debut album of The Lone Bellow was released in the early days of February it was pretty apparent that this was going to end up on many “Best of” lists. The trio of Zac Williams, Brian Elmquist and Kanene Pipkin sing with a full throated exuberance that is warm, rich and at times, almost startling. Although […]

The Best Albums of 2013: M.I.A. – Matangi

December 17th, 2013|0 Comments

Some of the best hip-hop music of the past year did not come from the usual boys club. Londoner, by way of Sri Lanka, M.I.A. returned with a bracing album, Matangi. Here then, continues an overview of some of the best albums of the past year…
M.I.A. – Matangi


M.I.A. has been stirring the pot for the better part of the last six years and her most recent and oft-delayed “Matangi” provides a continuation of her unique mix of beats, politics and nimble rhymes. Most of us became acquainted with Ms. Arulpragasam either through the brilliant “Paper Planes” from the Slumdog Millionaire […]